Know the Significance of “Keep It Short and Simple” Concept with Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier
Among the email marketing mistakes that Roland Frasier corrected include the failure of writing the “above the fold”, the bad lines of subject, and when you try packing so many information into your emails. inappropriate “from” fields, when you include so many rich content, issues related to the SPAM law for compliance issues and forgetting the significance of the KISS (Keep It Short and Simple” concept is also included in the email marketing mistakes that you need to keep an eye on.

According to Roland Frasier, one of the deadly mistake that many marketers have been doing/making is their failure to understand that even the reader that is most sophisticated is busy and does not have time to spend to read your emails. A great rule would be at any time that you write marketing messages, you need to write it at the reading level of a 6th grade, and avoid too much technical language and jargon if possible. This is not for the reason that you are waiting for a group of stupid people, but it is because to write in that level will be fast and very easy to read.

Roland Frasier

One tip from Roland Frasier is that you should break your message to small chunks. It will also help you if you would use simple and short sentences, which will be two lines or shorter. You should use many paragraphs in breaking up your e-mail’s text into digestible little chunks of knowledge and information. Furthermore, you should use a format that will guide the reader. If you use html e-mail, you need to make sure that you are taking advantage of the formatting selections in keeping things interesting. Use italics, bold and some other formatting choices in emphasizing the essential words or key concepts or parts of your messages.

Moreover, you need to read your own press. Make sure that you also send yourself an email with your message before sending it out to the world. In that way, you can see great reputation about how it will be delivered into the world. Make sure to time yourself when you are reading your email message; it should not take you more than 1 to 2 minutes in reading the information. If it is more than that, you need to think ten times before sending it out to everyone, considering message revision. With the help of Roland Frasier to discover this email marketing mistakes that you should not do, helps you to ensure that your email messages will reach the inboxes of your readers, as well as reaching their eyes.

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