SearchLock – How Does It Protect Your Privacy?

SearchLock is one of the efficient tools that can help you in protecting your privacySearchLock against companies or individuals who doesn’t care whether they have revealed information about you. Through this, you can have lots of searches as you can and you don’t have to worry because all your search queries will be secured and free from those that corrupt data and files. SearchLock comes with lots of features including the following:

  • SearchLock stops privacy-unsafe searches and provides privacy-friendly results.

Various search engines can track searches and save search history in ways which can connected with your personal information like name, address, emails and more. SearchLock serves as the shield amidst the user and the companies that attempts to track you. It can detect if the keystrokes or search queries headed to search engines that can track you.

  • It prevents keystroke logging thru famous search engines

If users will search the web without using SearchLock extension, their keystrokes are automatically forwarded into the search engine, which in turn provides them with search suggestions. Though this seems to be a convenient feature, the user’s keystrokes are already logged and this might be connected with the user. So, as much as possible, SearchLock does everything just to prevent the keystrokes from reaching the search engines where they can be logged.

  • SearchLock does not store server logs.

Almost all websites is built in with server logging which has been enabled by default. This only means that aside from tracking the user’s search history thru the use of tracking tools like Google Analytics, there is also an assurance that even the user’s visits are also recorded along with time and date, IP address as well as information or details regarding your web browser and computer. These personal details can be used in order to identify you correctly.

  • SearchLock can disassociate all your searches from your accounts.

Famous search engines provides other services which sometimes accumulates sensitive personal information like email (Yahoo! Mail, Outlook Webmail and Gmail) as well as social web services (YouTube and Google+). If you search the web and stay logged with these accounts, your profile might be located through connecting this to your search queries.

  • It prevents ISP from tracing your search terms.

There are some search engines that does not encrypt search queries, meaning your ISP or Internet Service Provider can access or intercept them and effortlessly connect this either on your cable account or web account. If you are going to add SearchLock into your browser, you can have the assurance that your search queries will be encrypted and your ISP will not read them.

  • SearchLock keeps your personal information safe.

SearchLockSearchLock is not collecting or maintaining any personal information about their users. They have this agreement with their advertising partner that comes with specific provisions, and this agreement prevents the sharing or personal information or data with them.

These are the special features of SearchLock that every user should know. These features are designed not to harm your accounts or even your profile but to help you search the web safely. Also, SearchLock will prevent you from encountering viruses that collects data and personal information. If you think that no one can get any record with your web searches, you are wrong with that. Always remember that everything can now be done thru the use of software or any application. In this fast-paced world, nothing seems to be impossible. People or organizations can gather data without asking for any consent from the owner or user however with SearchLock, you can keep your profiles, web histories and other details safe.

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